How Much Does a Commercial Printer Cost

How Much Does a Commercial Printer Cost? 

If you own a business, the answer to this question will probably be to invest in a production printer. These devices are used for copying, printing, and scanning hundreds of pages per day. In contrast, personal printers use ink and are a much cheaper choice. However, production printers have higher purchase and operational costs. The price of a production printer is largely determined by the speed and quality of the prints. 

A production printer is designed to reliably print 

A production printer is designed to reliably print

The print speed of a production printer is typically measured in pages per minute (ppm), rather than characters per minute, which is the same as that of a home printer. Generally, page speed refers to the speed of printing monochrome office documents. Dense pictures, on the other hand, take longer to print, and the printer’s monthly print capacity is an indication of its maximum capacity. 

Laser printers are not expensive to run 

Despite their high price, laser printers are relatively inexpensive to run in a commercial environment. They are fast, reliable, and produce excellent print quality. They are the most common class of office printers and are ideal for printing small numbers of documents a month, or for high-volume environments that need to print thousands of pages every day. Read on to learn more about the benefits of laser printers. Pick3DPrinter is an excellent source for high-quality 3D printing. 

Inkjet printers are suitable for personal use 

Inkjet printers come in several flavors. Most are designed for photo printing. Because inkjet printers use different colors for different applications, they can print on a variety of substrates. Manufacturers are also using more colors to produce a wider color gamut. If you’re looking for a personal printer, you might want to choose an inkjet printer with separate color cartridges. Using separate colors saves money and paper, but you must discard the whole cartridge when you’re finished printing. 

Inkjet printers prefer toner to print 

Inkjet printers prefer toner to print 

Inkjet printers use ink to print. Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner. Inkjet printers print by spraying small droplets of colored ink onto the paper. The ink then absorbs into the paper. This process is faster and more efficient than laser printing. In addition, many inkjet printers are equipped with color printing capabilities, making them ideal for printing photos and images on different types of paper. 


Inkjet printers have several benefits, such as photo-quality printing with vibrant colors. The cost of an ink cartridge is lower than that of a laser printer, and it can print on a variety of paper types. Ink cartridges are refillable, but they are not as large as the capacity of a laser printer’s output tray. A typical inkjet printer can only print a few hundred pages before it needs to be replaced. This feature can be frustrating for heavy users, as they need to replace cartridges frequently, and ink refill kits are available to save money. 

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