Performing Arts Auditorium

We make a design and raise funds to build a first-class Performing Arts Auditorium in Central O`ahu.

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Performing Arts Studio

Students are trained here to complete their programs and ready them for attending in competitions.

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Performing Arts Studio

Arts Education Center

We offers after-school programs, recitals, informal gathering and practice, professional development etc.

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Music Studios

Hear music from our soundstage that will lift your soul.

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Sculpture and Mural Gardens

The Program Committee will be holding periodic public workshops here to gather your feedback and ideas.

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Sculpture and Mural Gardens

Outdoor Amphitheater

We arrange concert here every year. Please keep checking the events calendar for upcoming program.

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The O’ahu Arts Center is committed to developing a first-class performing arts auditorium and arts education center centrally located on O’ahu to attract residents of all ages island-wide. The O’ahu Arts Center is dedicated to promoting the arts as an integral part of community and family life.

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How to join a paintball team?

Do you know about paintball? It is becoming trendy across the USA; people love to join the paintball team. The paintball team looks simple game, but it is tough and challenging if you are new to that or shift from individual play to team play.

You can only get the best of the sport only by forming a good team and then compete regularly; it is a little bit different from the individual play. It would help if you had some coordination and preparation that are not required in individual play. There is no age restriction to join a paintball team; you can make your team and join the paintball team.

The question arises in mind how can one join a paintball team? There is no need to worry; I will guide you with reliable information to join a paintball team. To know more about the paintball, read here.

How can you join a paintball team?

How can you join a paintball team

There are following simple steps that you need to follow while joining the paintball team.

The process is mainly composed of two steps.

• Develop your team
• Prepare for tournament

How to develop your team?

• Start selecting your team members; you can choose any of your friends who play paintball or want to play paintball team. There are no restrictions on choosing your team.

• To attract people, you can create cards and posters; a post fly is the best option to attract people to join your team. It would be helpful if you add paintball signs such as a paintball gun etc. It would help if you had that technique when searching for experienced skilled and already playing paintball.

• Another best way to invite many people to join your team to choose the effective members is to make posts on different social media platforms. You can make a post in social media paintball discussion forums to get people’s attention to join your team.

• When you select your team through the above techniques, most of your members will be experienced and do not need any practice or instructions, but it would be helpful to practice with them to make them clearer. You can schedule regular practice hours or any suitable schedule.

• To get funds for you and your team, you can also ask the local businesses to sponsor your team; if someone sponsors you, it will positively impact your team for opponents.

How to prepare for the tournament?

How to prepare for the tournament

• When you register your team with the paintball field, they require entry fees of joining the field, and you will also need to pay entry for the tournaments.

• After that, wear protective gear, playing paintball can be dangerous and painful. It would help if you had the protective gear to play safe.

• Paint splatter is dangerous for the eyes, so you need a face mask to cover your face and eyes. You will also need to pay for that mask. You will also need to wear long sleeve shirt and long pants which protect your whole body. You will also need to wear a scarf on your neck and gloves on your hands to play safe.

• Then you will need to prepare your gun and equip your gun with bullets; take a practice session before the match to ensure working fine. In the end, arrange material for a gun, which will be CO2 tanks.

Final Thoughts:

Paintball is an interesting game that can play individually, but playing in a team could be interesting. You can use the above tricks to make your team and then join the tournaments with a paintball field.

Electric Mobility Scooter

With the invention of the electric mobility scooter in 1968, the world changed for the betterment of all our special needs loved ones. No longer do they have to have to stay shut up in the house. No more being left behind while every one else continues to travel and enjoy life. The electric mobility scooter also gives independence at home as well.

The electric mobility scooters are available in the three wheel or the four wheel design. This allows for a smaller turning radius. The smaller built three wheel design is great for use inside the house but is also sturdy enough to take it outside. The mobility industry has continued to make advancements in the comfort of the different styles and designs. The frames are lighter then ever and the controls are easier to operate. Check out here at rentorlandoscooters.com website to get more tricks.

Mobility Scooter

A few of the leading companies would be Lark Mobility Scooters and Pride Mobility Scooters. The Amigo Mobility Scooters was the original scooter, invented by Al Thieme in Bridgeport, Michigan. A family member had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Mr. Thieme invented and founded what is now Amigo Mobility Scooters. It is amazing how many people have a new founded lifestyle with one of these scooters.

All of the leading companies continue to improve on the designs that will help to make them lighter and easier to transport. Harmar Scooter Lifts has great products to help make the mobile scooters even more mobile. They have a lift that will fit almost every vehicle on the road today. This lift will attach to the frame of the vehicle like a trailer hitch does. Depending on the design you decide on, it may come with power lifts and even a remote control to help assist you.

Each of the mobility scooter companies all have upgrades and accessories to compliment your scooter. If you need or want it, most companies have already thought of it as has it ready. Do you need any medical accessories that would make your like easier to be mobile such as a oxygen tank or a cane holder? What about a little something just for comfort like a cup holder or rear view mirrows? Another great item is you will have a choice of a couple of different colors to choose from in most designs. The mobility scooter is really more then just a way to get from one place to another, it is also a life changing opportunity.

A new Bug and Help for Accurender

Well, this week’s article is a couple of days late. Why you might ask, well I’ve been busy on my end creating some renderings. I found out a few interesting things during many late nights. First off, Accurender has a small bug in it I found. The project that I’m working on is an exterior rendering that stretches about 1000 feet and is composed of numerous buildings. In order to see them all you have to stand back away, in which case the computer rendering software starts to blur the details, check here. Yet in real life while the item that we are looking at does do some atmospheric blurring, we can still make out brickwork and such. We loose that on a computer, unless we bump the resolution up to a higher level.


The Accurender bug comes up when rendering at very high resolutions. When you tell it to render, it will load the model and start it’s process. Once started it checks the available system resources and crashes completely out of Accurender and AutoCAD if it doesn’t have enough rather than informing you of this and taking you back to the rendering options. I found the bug while trying to render more than around 16,000 x 2,000 pixels with a PIII 500 with 256 Megs of RAM and 5 gigs of free HD space. For those who aren’t familiar with pixels in those terms, it’s equivalent to an image 26.6″x3.3″ at 600 dpi which is 91.6 Megs. The interesting thing to note is this machine can open grpahic files in excess of 600 Megs, but it can’t render a file even half that size. When questioned on this McNeel tech support has stated that you would need 30 gigs of free HD space and 1 gig of RAM.

Personally this seems a bit excessive for a program to require, however we now have the ability to create a machine that can actually match those criteria. I should point out here that on the whole, McNeel makes the very best 3rd party software for AutoCAD around and I am almost always impressed to the degree that they go to in order to make a better product. Autodesk could actually take some good lessons from them in customer pleasing and in creating good software. Accurender may have some funky bits to it, but try finding a better renderer for the same price. Actually many of the plug-ins for Max just to create a couple of trees cost as much as Accurender.

2021 Masters Golf Live – Answers to Your Questions

We’re less than 100 days away from the 2021 Masters Golf Live. It is one of the most awaited events of the year for fans of golf. With waiting, lots of questions also come into our minds.

Today we will try to answer those questions for you.

Masters Golf Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Masters Golf Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

When the 2021 Masters Golf Will Take Place?

This year’s Masters Golf Tournament will take place on 8-11 April. Before that from 5th to 7th April, a practice session will be organized.

Can I Attend Event Live?

The straightforward answer is yes, you can. But due to the pandemic, only limited numbers of visitors are allowed this year. So it’s most likely that most of the fans will have to watch it from home.

Can I Watch the Tournament from Home?

Yes, you can watch the 2021 Masters Golf Live at home. The whole tournament will be available for you to watch.

Where Can I Get the Tickets for Masters Golf 2021?

A limited amount of tickets are available to apply on the Masters’ official website. The final selection will be made based on a lottery system.

Where will the Event be Organized

Where will the Event be Organized?

Unlike any other events, the Masters Golf Tournament takes place at the same venue every year. Since 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has been organizing this event. Augusta National Golf Club is located in Augusta, Georgia, United States.

Can I Play a Round of Golf at Augusta National Golf Club?

Sorry to disappoint you, but you can not play at the club. Only the members of the club are allowed to play there. Even visiting the course is not allowed too.

For How Many Days the Event will Go On?

The event will be organized for a total of 7 days. The first three days are practice sessions and the rest of the 4 days are for the main game.

What will the Winner of Masters Golf 2021 Get?

The Champion will get the iconic Green Jacket with a fantastic purse. The prize money for the 2021 Masters Golf hasn’t been announced yet. But in 2020 the total prize money was set to $11.5 million with the winner getting $2.07 million. That’s a huge sum of money.

Who Won the Masters Tournament in 2020?

Dustin Johnson won the tournament in 2020. He won the play with a record score of 20 under par.

What is the Masters Club Dinner?

Masters Club Dinner is a tradition of the tournament. The defending Champion hosts the dinner and selects the menu. This dinner happens on Tuesday night of the Masters week.

All the previous champions are invited as a guest. Only a few top personnel from Augusta National Golf Club get an invitation.

Am I Allowed Capture Photos at the Masters?

The patrons are not allowed to take pictures on the course during the Event. Though if you are attending the practice session, then you can get photos. However, during the Main Event, you will likely see a line for taking photos near the first hole.

Staff from the Club will take your photos and will provide you with a plastic card. With this card, you can get your photos online at a later date.

Are Children Allowed to Watch the Masters at the Club?

Yes, they are allowed. There are no age restrictions for the patrons. However, the parents of children are responsible for their behaviour. If the children don’t behave according to the rules, you will have to leave the arena.


Masters Golf is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. There are lots of rules & regulations to follow. The prize pool is also amazing. It’s not worth missing this Event. You can watch 2021 Masters Golf Live from anywhere in the world.

How to Rekey a Jeep Ignition Lock Cylinder?

Generally, automotive vehicles are required much maintenance. The jeep’s ignition cylinder is the most responsible part of getting started. It is necessary to use the key. Then the jeep can able to get started immediately. To start the vehicle, ignition cylinder locks are playing a very important role. Most of the people have to buy the jeep with the expensive cost. This jeep ignition lock cylinder is nothing but the ignition switch. Both are not same. these provide energy with electrically and mechanically. Whenever you want to start the vehicle, then the lock will need to open. If you are lost the key at the time of starting, then you will not start the car. In this situation, the rekeying of the lock cylinder is required. This is an easy process. The release mechanism is used in this rekeying process. The position of insertion is important while rekeying. As same as house door lock rekeying method, the jeep lock ignition cylinder can easily open with the help of a screwdriver or any other paper clip like objects on the time of emergency. Sometimes, you can contact the locksmith Scottsdale Arizona for rekeying with the matching key. If it is possible at the time of lost key, you will do it with the mentioned household objects. It is an affordable price range method to do it by the simple way of processing. The internal components of the lock are just locked the ignition cylinder at the time of not in use. Sometimes the ignition cylinder key needs the replacement and even more, it requires the service too.

The best method to process rekeying in a jeep lock cylinder:

The best method to process rekeying in a jeep lock cylinder

By using the normal force, the lock can open within 20 minutes. The jeep is not starting without an original key. A no-start condition is the symptom of the bad failing ignition lock. It is very much important to start the vehicle without an original key. At the time, the keyholes to be observed once to open it without a key by using any other equipment like manicure scissor. The easier time for the rekeying process is started now. Everyone can do it right. It can simply remove and replace. By using the related repair types of equipment, it is very much easy and possible. With perfect positioning of the object inside the lock is needed at the time of opening. Turn on this proper position at next. The attempting of using the proper keying is easy. But when trying with the other object need the extra care on lock ignition cylinder. This rekeying process is varied according to the model. Then the accessory pin position is inserted into the lock. This will drop to the cylinder slides of the jeep. Make sure once that you are inserted in the ignition side and turn to the unlock position. While turning make sure you do not damage anything inside the lock. Then push this pin through the ignition column. After that, it will lock in that place. Finally, turn the key and take it out. It works well at the end.

How to Use Night Cream on Face?

Indeed choosing the best cream for your face to apply at night is essential, but the method of using the cream on your face is also


We must get the required and efficient cream results; we should apply the night cream properly on our face.

We believe that applying cream on the face helps us maintain our facial skin condition and make our facial skin more charming, lovely, and soft.

But it does not mean that only applying the cream is enough; no, you should follow a proper way to apply night cream on your face to get better results.

How to use night cream on the face?

How to use night cream on the face

Before knowing the method of using night cream first thing is to choose the best cream for your face as per your skin.

While you are in the market, you will see thousands of night creams but before choosing a night cream for your face, keep in mind the following points.

  • What is your age; always choose according to your age.
  • What kind of your skin, and what type of night cream is suitable for your face skin.
  • Cost is also a factor to note while buying night creams; you will find night creams more costly than day creams. No matter what is cost, never buy a low-cost and inferior quality cream.
  • Read the list of ingredients in the night cream carefully.

How I apply night cream on my face?

Here is a step-by-step guideline for you to apply a night cream on your face; if you follow these steps, you will get better and quick results.

Wash and cleanse your face:

Before applying night cream, it is essential to wash and clean your face. First of all, wash your face with water and then use any best beauty soap to clean your face.

After that, use a good quality cleanser according to your face skin and clean your skin. Wait until your face becomes dry.

Apply Night Cream Gently:

Apply Night Cream Gently

When your face becomes completely dry then, apply night cream gently on your face, start using cream from downward to upward, and then circularly move your fingers.

While circulating fingers, rub your fingers gently against your face skin, but do not apply cream near your eyes; sometimes, it causes reactions.

While you are applying cream on your face, never forget to apply night cream on your neck, front, and back. Follow the same technique for the front and back of your neck.

How much time before bed I apply night cream?

It is better to apply an hour before going to your bed, but if you cannot wait for an hour, please apply cream a minimum of 30 minutes before going to bed.

Apply Cream Regularly:

You should follow a strict practice of regularly applying night cream if you want better and required results quickly.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed the quality of night cream is essential, but there is equal importance of applying night cream on your face. If you want positive results, then follow the proper way to apply night cream on your face regularly.

Supercross 2021 Live – Motorcycle Tournament

Supercross racing is the world championship tournament and it has so many fan bases. Fans are like to watch it in the stadium but there are only a few tickets are available so they go for a live stream option. Here is a guide for how to watch it for free. Generally, it is an American motorcycle racing tournament that is started in the year nineteen seventy-four. From that day to till now it is running on every year. The founder of this tournament is American Motorcyclist Foundation and it is started in January and ends in May.

And it is held in the Natural Terrain and the track is fully made by humans so there is no cheating. Even the track has so many obstacles and steep jumps so the racers will face everything and have to touch the ending point on time. Also, this track is artificially placed in the stadium because of the convenience for the spectators. And there is a huge media partner gang so the track inside the stadium is flexible for shooting. Nowadays there are a lot of sports are attracted many people and it may lead them to avoid a supercross tournament so the management thinks a lot and made a final decision. That is the fans can watch it on the television or mobile phone using their official website. When the fans visit their site then there is a guide that helps them to watch Supercross 2021 Live streaming.

Supercross 2021 racing tournament schedule:

Supercross 2021 racing tournament schedule

The starting date of the tournament is announced by the official management in January sixteen on Saturday. And this is the fifty-first tournament and they decide to organize it very well. The first round is started in Anaheim and ends in Salt Lake City. And they announced that the fans are welcome to the stadium with rules because of the pandemic situation. If the fans are following the restricted rules only, they are allowed to watch the race. The second round is started on Tuesday, January twenty-three and the starting point is Houston after completing this round and after conducting rounds is held in the western cities. If you want a full schedule then must visit their official website for full details.

How to watch supercross tournament?

How to watch supercross tournament

Surely, you can watch it through play station and also there are some other choices like watching it on NBC sports, NBC sports gold, and official supercross television HD for live streaming. And there is no need to download any application for watching live streaming if you subscribe to the official supercross channel. Because it is the official media partner and like them, there is no other Media that will telecast the race in high quality. If you do not have time to watch it on television then you can use social media otherwise watching it on the official channel is the best idea.

All you need is a stable cable network connection and subscription. But the only drawback is the fans inside the United States only use the video pass and the outside fans do not use this pass. The only way for watching is by using online streaming YouTube Television and they have to download some applications without using a cable connection for online streaming. It will be more interesting to watching it with friends because watching the racers two-fifty class rises is more interesting. Feld Motor Sports doing a very good job that entertain the fans in the way of race. Even they are trying to telecast to their outside fans but due to some geographical conditions it is not possible and soon it will be possible.

How to Repair the Burn Hole in the Cloth Car Seat?

The car seat covers are expensive, and in some cases getting the exact one which you use already is a critical thing. Seat covers are the most important thing to give an elegant look to the car. Here are few tips to repair the burn hole in the cloth car seat. Cloth car seats are very comfortable, flexible, convenient, and the most fitting fabric for a car. These tips are work very well on your cloth car seat. You can also use these tips to repair the burn holes of the bed, couch, sofa, and so on. Now you can discover two different ways to repair a burn hole. In the first step, create your designs and creative things with any style. It may in any color, but the cloth with the same color as the car is most attractive for that work. For example, just create a start with the cloth and sew it on the burn hole. It will be like a new trendy design for your seat cover. If possible, to create plenty of clothes like stare just sew it with hole of your car seat. Otherwise, just use the glue on the hole and paste the cloth which you created on the glue.

Steps to repair burn hole in car seat

Steps to repair burn hole in car seat

If you do not have any clothes for making the designs to cover the hole in the car seat. Just try this second method to make it efficient. To repair this hole in the seat you just need two items one is glue and another one is a razor blade or a sharper knife. The burn hole of the car seat will make a black hole, just remove it using the blade or knife by scrape or rub. Rub the underneath of the car seat to collect some cloth to patch the hole. Make sure you are taking the cloth from the hidden part of your seat. Apply some glue on the holes and apply the fabric fuzz which you collected on the glue. Let it dry for a few minutes, once the glue will dry the fabric fuzz sets well on the seat. It will clear out the burn holes to the normal condition very quickly and without wasting money. You can use these steps for different kinds of fabrics. It will work well on all kinds of cushions and carpets.

Additional tips to patch the burn hole

Additional tips to patch the burn hole

You can use color paints and nail polish to patch the burn hole. But make sure to collect the matching color of the car seat. Just apply the nail polish or paint on the hole, it will hide the burn hole. You may have different colored and designed tapes in your home, or you may collect them from every shop. If you want a decorative way to patch or repair the burn holes use the tapes. Just stick the same color tapes on your car seat. It will help to get rid of the burn hole seats. It makes a quicker way to rectifies the hole.

How to Unfreeze Car Door Locks?

Are you a resident of a cold area? It will be a common problem for you when you are leaving your home for office you found that car door lock is a jam. Your key is not working with that lock, and you can not turn the key.

People become panic and try to find ways to replace the lock or try another duplicate key at 24 hour locksmith Jacksonville FL.

But they do not try to unlock the frozen lock; you will wonder if it is quite simple, and there are many quick ways to unlock the frozen car door lock.

We have researched and found five simple ways that will help you to unlock a frozen car door lock.

Please read our article How to unfreeze car door locks and know the simple unlocking ways.

Ways to unfreeze car door locks?

Ways to unfreeze car door locks

We have found these simple ways that will help you to unlock a frozen car door lock.

• The first way is to unlock the frozen car door lock with the use of ethanol. Take some amount of ethanol and pour it in the lock hole. You can also dip the key in the ethanol or alcohol and insert the key and turn it will work.
• The second way is to use sanitizer that will help you to unlock the frozen car door lock. These sanitizers are available in every house, especially in that corona pandemic.
• There is a tool named de-icer can be used to unlock the frozen car door lock. You can read instructions on that tool and unlock the frozen lock within a couple of minutes.
• Do you know your hairdryer is also a useful tool that will help you to unlock the frozen lock? You need to blow hot air in the hole of the car door lock. After two to three minutes, again insert the key and try to unlock it will work.
• If you do not have the above items with you, then dip your key in car fuel and immediately insert the key in the lock hole; it will also help you unlock the frozen lock.
• Your lighter for cigar can also help you to give heat to the lock and make it possible for you to unlock the frozen door lock.

So, while do you have a frozen car door lock, then do not need to be panic and try our simple techniques to get rid of such a situation without spending money.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

It is common to see that in the colder areas, it happens many times that the car doors become faulty due to low temperature and may become a reason for irritation for you.

But now you do not need to panic and try our provided simple and readily available ways to help you unfreeze the car door locks.

We have provided you detail in our article on How to unfreeze car door locks. Hope this article helped you understand and learn how to unfreeze the car door locks.

How to Repair Key Stuck in Ignition?

It is common to happen that when we insert the key in the ignition lock to start the car, it does not work. The key stuck, and we try again and again, but the vehicle does not start.

At that time, especially when we are at some alone place, where it is difficult to access a mechanic, it becomes panic.

No need to be panic, be calm, and try to solve the problem. There are many reasons for the key stuck in the ignition lock.

Sometimes it happens due to a problem in the key, and sometimes it happens due to a problem in the ignition lock.

But both are minor problems, and even you can solve the key stuck in the ignition lock problem yourself.

What are the reasons for the key stuck in the ignition?

What are the reasons for the key stuck in the ignition

There can be two possible reasons for the key stuck in the ignition.

• First, there can be a problem with your car key, it can be damaged during use, and now it makes a problem. Do not put much force on removing the key; it can also harm the ignition lock.
• The second reason can be a problem with ignition lock such as dust or debris, which is a minor problem and can remove easily. AC of your car can also cause a problem in the internal system of the ignition lock.

How to repair the key stuck in the ignition?

How to repair the key stuck in the ignition

Please follow the proper steps and resolve your problem.

• First of all, park your car at a safe place and arrange the necessary tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and replacement key or replacement ignition lock.
• Now start the repairing task; first, you need to take apart the steering column covering for that, you need to need to disconnect the terminal on the negative side from the car battery.
• Next to that, you should remove its trim around the steering wheel. Checks all the steering wheel parts, but while you are removing, remind everything carefully; you will need it while reassembling.
• With the help of turning the key in the switch the ignition in accessory mode, it is also possible even your key is stuck in the ignition lock.
• rIn the next step, you should release the pins that you found on the bottom of the ignition lock. Remove pins with a screwdriver; the ignition module will slide on the right side after releasing the pins.
• Squeeze these pins and place them in the holes where we remove these pins. Now install the new switch here and start reassembling the parts.
• Make sure while you are reassembling, you have appropriately placed everything in the right place. Now connect the negative terminal of the ignition with the battery.
• Now verify the removal of fault, turn the key, and start the car; it would be helpful to check it three or more times for confirmation, additional resources.

Final Thoughts:

Key stuck in ignition lock is not a big problem so; you can try to solve it with simple home accessible items on your own.


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