What is a Soccer Ball Made of

What is a Soccer Ball Made of?

A soccer ball is a football used in sports. Whether you like to call it a football or a soccer ball, this popular game is the same for all of us. The soccer game is very trendy and famous.

Soccer is a game that promotes good health, endurance and boosts fitness level. Early footballs were made of animal bladders that would easily fall apart.

The introduction of soccer balls made of synthetic leather improved the performance and made it easier to kick. In our content, we will try to elaborate on what a soccer ball made of is?

What material Used in Soccer Balls?

What material Used in Soccer Balls

The materials used in the production of high- quality soccer balls are

• Surface, cover
• Stitching
• Inner lining ( cotton or polyester )
• Bladder ( latex )

A high-quality Soccer ball is made up of synthetic materials. There are 2 main elements of a soccer ball. One is the outer covering; the second one is the inner lining.

The different part of soccer balls are as follows:

The different part of soccer balls are as follows
  1. Outer cover:

The outer cover is usually made of synthetic leather. It is not made of full-grain leather. The reason is leather absorbs water and makes a ball heavy. It is a hard substance that doesn’t drink water and is very soft to the touch. Synthetic leather is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane).

  1. Inner linings:

The inner material is essential to make sure the quality of hand-sewn soccer balls. The inner lining of a soccer ball is made up of polyester and cotton. It ensures to give a ball strength, smoothness, and structure.

Professional soccer balls have 4 or more layers of lining. These multiple layers inside the soccer ball to ensure a soft and consistent bounce.

  1. Bladder:

The bladder part of a soccer ball is where the air is held. This part is made of butyl; it is long-lasting and retains air very well. The bladder made of butyl provides a better surface. It provides an excellent combination of quality and keeping the air and is available in the middle to upper-priced balls.

  1. Valve:

The soccer ball’s valve part is a needle-like structure that looks like a tiny hole from outside. It is also made of butyl because of its elasticity.

  1. Stitching:

The soccer ball’s stitching is that it holds the ball together that can be done with polyester thread. The stitching of a soccer ball works on how far the ball advances.

High-quality soccer balls are hand-stitched while mid-priced balls are machine – stitched.

The first stage of stitching is to roll the material used for the outer casing of the ball. The outer case is made from many layers of synthetic foam glued or sewed with a polyester thread to give a smooth and tough exterior.

  1. Quality:

Soccer balls are very demanding and best for sports players, the covering material double-checked after lined with the backing material. Another quality checkpoint is silkscreen printing.

These are visually printed, and if any fault is found, it will be removed immediately. The weight of the soccer ball is measured before passing on to the shipping area.

Final thoughts:

Final thoughts

Soccer balls have vital importance from the early days where players used a variety of objects. These days, using a soccer ball gives a smooth, reliable, and safe playing and is suitable in all weather conditions. Soccer balls made of synthetic leather are lighter and highly durable.

We have tried our best to provide you with quality information regarding what is a soccer ball made of? We have researched the making of a soccer ball and shared a story with you.

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