what are the advantages of dedicated server hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

As a business owner, it is important for you to have a well-functioning website that helps you to increase your overall revenue. If your business all depends on your online presence and on the functionality of your website then you will realize the importance of flexibility. It is important for your business that your website remains available and stays online all the time but at the same time, it should be flexible enough to handle the network traffic in an effective manner.

At present, there are three types of hosting is popular that is dedicated server hosting, virtual private hosting and shared hosting. All three types of hosting have their own benefits and importance like shared hosting is one most inexpensive type of hosting and it is considered perfect for the startup website that generates low traffic. The virtual private server hosting is considered appropriate for the middle stage of project growth. When it comes to dedicated server hosting then it is of one most advanced form of hosting and its capabilities are reserved for a single website.

If you want to know that what are the advantages of dedicated server hosting then here are some benefits at https://www.dreamithost.com.au/managed-cpanel/ you can get by hiring a dedicated hosting provider:

Server resources are not shared

When it comes to the website hosting then a dedicated server hosting provider can offer you full resources of a single server. With the help of a dedicated server, you can rest assured that the bad strips running on another website cannot slow down your server.

Enhance performance and security

With the help of a dedicated hosting provider, you can get higher uptime for your website. Shared hosting is considered best for websites that have low to medium traffic. If your website has low traffic then the dedicated server provides higher reliability and stability as a comparison to the shared hosting. In addition to this, you can also be assured that you are not sharing the space with any other malicious website.

Higher flexibility

A dedicated server offers the flexibility of customizing the server according to the needs of clients for RAM and CPU. With the help of shared hosting, a client is limited to the software, application and the operating environment that is already loaded on the server. Apart from this, a dedicated server also offers a customizable server environment for an organization that fits well with their needs.

Unique IP address

Unique IP address

Each and every server has their own and unique IP address. With the help of shared hosting, you are sharing the IP address with the multiple of other websites. If any of your neighbors have spam or adult site then it can push down the rank of your website. With the help of a dedicated server, you can have your own unique IP address. It is very important for you if you are running an e-commerce site that needs SSL for credit card processing.

When you choose a dedicated server hosting provider then you will get the full resources of the single server as well as its resources. So, with the help of this information, you can easily get to know what are the advantages of dedicated server hosting.

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