Difference Between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp

The Difference Between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp

There are several differences between GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a free messaging application that allows users to send and receive messages in Arabic, Hebrew, and other languages. GB WhatsApp also offers two factor authentications, which can prevent a hacker from stealing your personal details. Besides, it supports up to 50MB videos and high-quality images. Moreover, it’s easier to customize compared to the original version.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp lets you broadcast a message to up to 600 contacts. It can also send up to 90 images in a single click. You can send up to 255 characters in your status. GB WhatsApp also offers end-to-end encryption, which ensures that no one else can read your messages. On the other hand, it can’t be used for official purposes. Because of this, GB WhatsApp is not a good choice for iPhone users.

GB WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original application. Many users downloaded it under the pretense that it was the genuine app. This app has a lot of extra features over the regular version. However, these features come at a price. GB WhatsApp is completely different from WhatsApp. It is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Using GB-Wave does not require root access and will not harm your phone.

Message Scheduler

GB-Wave also offers a message scheduler. If you want to send a message to your friends at a certain time, you can schedule it. If you don’t want to keep your messages private, you can schedule it to be delivered at a later time. GB-Wave is a great alternative. It also removes end-to-end encryption, which makes it even more secure.

Tips and Recipes

GB-Wave is a modified version of whatsapp gb pro that allows users to send and receive messages. GB-WhatsApp is a bit more bloated than the official version, but it’s still very similar to its original counterpart. Both applications have similar privacy settings, though GB-Wave is more customizable, while WhatsApp is more limited in features. The GB version allows users to hide their last seen status and hide their location when they’re offline.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

GB-Whatsapp offers more customization options than the standard version. Unlike the standard version of WhatsApp, GB-Whatsapp offers many advanced features, including the ability to send a broadcast message to 600 people in one click. It also allows users to lock chat threads and prevent them from being deleted. Unlike WhatsApp, GB-Whatsapp is available for iPhone users only. This means that GB-Whatsapp is a good choice for iPhone users.

Downloaded Free Of Charge

GB-Whatsapp can be downloaded for free in both Android and iOS devices. It differs from WhatsApp in several ways, including its cost. It is a modified version of the original app. Unlike the original, it’s not available on the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store. Despite this, it’s a great alternative to WhatsApp. If you are worried about the risks of downloading GB-Whatsapp, try GB-Whave a try.


GB-Whatsapp users will enjoy GB WhatsApp’s features. Unlike the original version, the GB version offers many more features than the original. Among these, GB WhatsApp supports dual accounts on the same device. It also offers users the option to set a passcode for essential chats. The GB app is also compatible with OG versions. This app is available in both Android and iOS.

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