New Uses for a Vintage Refrigerator

New Uses for a Vintage Refrigerator

Decorating with Retro Furniture is Trendy

I am addicted to retro refrigerators and vintage refrigerators I come across at my local flea market. They are so cute and really add a great retro touch to any room in your home. Yes, a vintage refrigerator really can be used in almost any room in your home!!

My first idea for a retro refrigerator is to turn it into a TV cabinet. This is a great way to hide an old TV or have a TV in a room where you do not want it to be seen. Check out here at website to get more about vintage refrigerator.

Decorating with Retro Furniture is Trendy

Be sure to paint out your retro fridge in a color that is an accent or compliments the room you will be using it in.

Now, all you need to do is measure the inside of your retro fridge, make sure your TV fits, and provide a hole in the back for the electric cord to escape through. I recommend paying a professional electrician to drill a hole in the back of your retro fridge. He will know where to do this in the safest place.

You can also have him remove the old plug in cord from the vintage appliance to make it inoperable.

Now, if you don’t like that option you can always turn your retro fridge into a great little book armoire. Create a fun and whimsical book nook in your home. You can use the existing shelves in the fridge and line them with books. Add your favorite chair nearby, a retro lamp, and you have a fun and funky reading corner!

A retro refrigerator also works well as a second or primary pantry in your kitchen. Most vintage refrigerators are smaller than modern fridges, so they will not compete. Again, go for a funky color or design on the outside to really transform your retro appliance into a piece of furniture.

Finally, a retro refrigerator makes a great coffee table! Yes, a vintage coffee table! You will need to have all the cooling elements removed from the back of the retro fridge. Lay the fridge on its back in front of your sofa. If needed, for a retro fridge with a rounded front you can ass some large clear picture stoppers. Even old angled door stops made of rubber would work.

Epoxy them onto the front the of retro fridge. Do one in each corner. Now top off with a thick sheet of beveled glass!

Told you could use your old vintage refrigerator for a variety of uses in your home. Get creative and have fun with retro appliances! They have tons of design uses in your home.

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