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How to Wash a Sleeping Bag?

As you may already know that for going on some outdoor trips and tours, you have to sue some sleeping bags. A sleeping bag is a temperate lined padded carrier or bag in which you can sleep, especially when you are up to camping. Whether you’re sleeping bags are down or artificial, it is elegant for you to make them clean, dried out and sheltered as you are all set for some outdoor camp. This simple thing can help you make your sleeping bags last longer and padding more professionally. This predominantly applies to down sleeping bags, but artificial bags can in addition benefit. If you don’t know how to clean your sleeping bags then you should have to go through the following paragraphs of this same article.

Make sure that you wear clean clothes while sleeping in sleeping bags

This is the first thing that one should always note about using the sleeping bags. You will need to ensure that you wear clean clothes while sleeping in sleeping bags. Because of your unclean clothes, your bags could also become full of dirt and dust. In this same case, they will look much uglier. There are some sleeping bags available that you can wash either via machines or by using your hands. In both the situations, you need to follow the best tips.

How to Wash a Sleeping Bag

Save your bags from the ground

One can also think about to save their bags from the ground while using them. You will have to place your sleeping bags on the ground. But think once, and just clean the ground on which you are going to open up the sleeping bags. This smaller care taken by you will surely help you to have less dirt and dust spots on the sleeping bags.

Read the instructions of washing given by the makers

In order to wash your sleeping bags properly, you just have to follow up some instructions given by the makers. The makers should tell you about the washing methods. Either washing with the machine will be given or Handwashing can become a good option for you.

Machine washing

Machine washing

Most of the sleeping bags could be easily washed by using a washing machine. In this same case, you will need to follow the washing methods or instructions told by the makers. What do you need to do while washing your sleeping bags by using the machines? Here are some important things that you will have to follow carefully:

 During the washing time, ensure that you have closed all of the zips of sleeping bags
 Use a gentle cycle for cleaning them
 Set a good temperature to wash the sleeping bags
 Add some soaps, detergents and some other products carefully  Dry your sleeping bags

By giving full focus on these a few steps, anyone can easily wash their sleeping bags without facing some real problems. One should always repeat the processes given above when some dirt spots are still on the sleeping bags.

Handwash methods

Handwash methods

After becoming familiar with the washing method of machines now, this is the ideal time for you to check out the Handwash method of washing the sleeping bags. In this same case, you just need to follow the next steps:

 Fill your bucket with some water and add some cleaning products in it and prepared a mixture
 Place or put your bags in the prepared mixture
 Rub or massage your sleeping bags slowly
 Leave your sleeping bags for soak for three or four hours
 Drain the mixture water and add some fresh water to clean it again
 Repeat this process two or more times
 Dry your sleeping bags

If you will correctly follow all these steps given above perfectly then without any doubt you can clean the sleeping bags by using your hands.

Dry your sleeping bags carefully

In the end, either you use washing machines or Handwash methods you can easily wash your sleeping bags within some really quick time. If you don’t want to face some issues later on and then, first of all, read and understand all of the above-given steps and methods carefully. Hence, take your desired time and have rest of the benefits of your cleaned sleeping bags.

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