How to Repair Key Stuck in Ignition

How to Repair Key Stuck in Ignition?

It is common to happen that when we insert the key in the ignition lock to start the car, it does not work. The key stuck, and we try again and again, but the vehicle does not start.

At that time, especially when we are at some alone place, where it is difficult to access a mechanic, it becomes panic.

No need to be panic, be calm, and try to solve the problem. There are many reasons for the key stuck in the ignition lock.

Sometimes it happens due to a problem in the key, and sometimes it happens due to a problem in the ignition lock.

But both are minor problems, and even you can solve the key stuck in the ignition lock problem yourself.

What are the reasons for the key stuck in the ignition?

What are the reasons for the key stuck in the ignition

There can be two possible reasons for the key stuck in the ignition.

• First, there can be a problem with your car key, it can be damaged during use, and now it makes a problem. Do not put much force on removing the key; it can also harm the ignition lock.
• The second reason can be a problem with ignition lock such as dust or debris, which is a minor problem and can remove easily. AC of your car can also cause a problem in the internal system of the ignition lock.

How to repair the key stuck in the ignition?

How to repair the key stuck in the ignition

Please follow the proper steps and resolve your problem.

• First of all, park your car at a safe place and arrange the necessary tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and replacement key or replacement ignition lock.
• Now start the repairing task; first, you need to take apart the steering column covering for that, you need to need to disconnect the terminal on the negative side from the car battery.
• Next to that, you should remove its trim around the steering wheel. Checks all the steering wheel parts, but while you are removing, remind everything carefully; you will need it while reassembling.
• With the help of turning the key in the switch the ignition in accessory mode, it is also possible even your key is stuck in the ignition lock.
• rIn the next step, you should release the pins that you found on the bottom of the ignition lock. Remove pins with a screwdriver; the ignition module will slide on the right side after releasing the pins.
• Squeeze these pins and place them in the holes where we remove these pins. Now install the new switch here and start reassembling the parts.
• Make sure while you are reassembling, you have appropriately placed everything in the right place. Now connect the negative terminal of the ignition with the battery.
• Now verify the removal of fault, turn the key, and start the car; it would be helpful to check it three or more times for confirmation, additional resources.

Final Thoughts:

Key stuck in ignition lock is not a big problem so; you can try to solve it with simple home accessible items on your own.

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