How to Make a Nail Gun

How to Make a Nail Gun

Nail guns are essential tools to help us to push the metal nails on different harder surfaces. You can hang picture frames; can do fencing and Hardie siding and Hardie trim with nail guns. If you need a nail gun only for the one-time project, it is costly to buy a new nail gun.

But some options can help you make a nail gun for DIY projects; even you can make the best nail gun for Hardie trim projects. Stay here with us to know how you can make a nail gun.

Helpful tips to make a nail gun

Making a nail gun is a challenging task, but you can prepare a nail gun with proper instructions and guidelines.

Arrange Materials

First of all, arrange required materials; you will need a hollow metal pipe, take a hardwood L shape piece for gun shape, a flexible spring, trigger, magazine, rubber bands, and covering assembly. You will also need a screwdriver, pliers, and glue.  You can get all these materials from the local hardware store.

Step One

After arranging the required materials, start with placing the L Shape Hardwood piece. Take a required length piece according to your project. But a medium size nail gun is a better choice; now take the hollow pipe.

The length of the pipe also should be according to the length of the wooden piece. Suppose you have to take a wooden piece of 12 inches and try to get a hollow metal pipe of 12 inches. But make sure your pipe is empty, and there is no hurdle and bend in the tube.

Now place the pipe above the wooden pipe and bind them with rubber bands hardly. When you ensure there is no further possibility to attach, leave it; now, take glue and paste glue over the rubber band and dry for thirty to 40 minutes.

Step Two

Now you will need to connect the magazine and trigger with the lower portion of the wood. First, attach the magazine with rubber bands and then glue it and leave it for some time to dry.

When ensuring it becomes dry, connect the trigger button before the magazine but at the lower part of the wood. It will give you the same look like a traditional gun.

It is better to secure the trigger with screws; you can use pliers or screwdrivers to secure the trigger with the nail gun. But make sure there is proper space between the hollow metal pipe and magazine to give away to nails to come out of the magazine.

Step Three

After assembling the above parts, you will need to connect the springs; it is a major step that requires great care because you need to set an angle of two springs that helps it create pressure for firing the nail from the nail gun.

If you fail to make the right angle, it will create a problem; here is another option for installing the electric motor for building pressure in the spring.

But it will become costly; for DIY projects, you can use springs.  Take springs that are stronger and have great resistance against force. Now insert the larger spring in the hollow pipe and connect it with the magazine spring.

You will also need to connect the magazine tip and the trigger revolving button. Here you can also use the flexible rubber band or flexible round spring. Using spring is better than rubber. Try to make a 45 degrees angles between both springs.

Step Four

Try it once or twice but gently to ensure proper pressure generate within the nail gun. If there need accuracy, then make some adjustment and go for the next step.

Step Five

Now take the assembly cover to cover the whole nail gun parts to give it a proper shape of a nail gun. Place one part of the assembly on the table and place the connected components on the first part of the assembly.

After that, properly position the second part above it and secure it by using screws. Properly tight all the screws to make a better shape and to make your firing system perfect.

Step Six

Now it is time to finish and test the nail gun. Choose a raw surface, load the nails in the nail gun and insert the magazine in the nail gun.

After placing it in the right place, push the trigger, you will see the nail properly enter the surface.  Now, do your project with your own made nail gun and enjoy your creativity.

best nail gun for Hardie trim

Final Thoughts

Nail guns are very helpful for the nailing purpose and help us get rid of ridiculous nailing with hammering. Nail guns are costly, but you can make your DIY nail gun by following the above techniques. You may see some variations, but the basic principle is the same for every nail gun; even you can make the best nail gun for Hardie trim projects by following the above techniques.

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