Electric Mobility Scooter

Electric Mobility Scooter

With the invention of the electric mobility scooter in 1968, the world changed for the betterment of all our special needs loved ones. No longer do they have to have to stay shut up in the house. No more being left behind while every one else continues to travel and enjoy life. The electric mobility scooter also gives independence at home as well.

The electric mobility scooters are available in the three wheel or the four wheel design. This allows for a smaller turning radius. The smaller built three wheel design is great for use inside the house but is also sturdy enough to take it outside. The mobility industry has continued to make advancements in the comfort of the different styles and designs. The frames are lighter then ever and the controls are easier to operate. Check out here at rentorlandoscooters.com website to get more tricks.

Mobility Scooter

A few of the leading companies would be Lark Mobility Scooters and Pride Mobility Scooters. The Amigo Mobility Scooters was the original scooter, invented by Al Thieme in Bridgeport, Michigan. A family member had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Mr. Thieme invented and founded what is now Amigo Mobility Scooters. It is amazing how many people have a new founded lifestyle with one of these scooters.

All of the leading companies continue to improve on the designs that will help to make them lighter and easier to transport. Harmar Scooter Lifts has great products to help make the mobile scooters even more mobile. They have a lift that will fit almost every vehicle on the road today. This lift will attach to the frame of the vehicle like a trailer hitch does. Depending on the design you decide on, it may come with power lifts and even a remote control to help assist you.

Each of the mobility scooter companies all have upgrades and accessories to compliment your scooter. If you need or want it, most companies have already thought of it as has it ready. Do you need any medical accessories that would make your like easier to be mobile such as a oxygen tank or a cane holder? What about a little something just for comfort like a cup holder or rear view mirrows? Another great item is you will have a choice of a couple of different colors to choose from in most designs. The mobility scooter is really more then just a way to get from one place to another, it is also a life changing opportunity.

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