2021 Masters Golf Live

2021 Masters Golf Live – Answers to Your Questions

We’re less than 100 days away from the 2021 Masters Golf Live. It is one of the most awaited events of the year for fans of golf. With waiting, lots of questions also come into our minds.

Today we will try to answer those questions for you.

Masters Golf Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Masters Golf Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

When the 2021 Masters Golf Will Take Place?

This year’s Masters Golf Tournament will take place on 8-11 April. Before that from 5th to 7th April, a practice session will be organized.

Can I Attend Event Live?

The straightforward answer is yes, you can. But due to the pandemic, only limited numbers of visitors are allowed this year. So it’s most likely that most of the fans will have to watch it from home.

Can I Watch the Tournament from Home?

Yes, you can watch the 2021 Masters Golf Live at home. The whole tournament will be available for you to watch.

Where Can I Get the Tickets for Masters Golf 2021?

A limited amount of tickets are available to apply on the Masters’ official website. The final selection will be made based on a lottery system.

Where will the Event be Organized

Where will the Event be Organized?

Unlike any other events, the Masters Golf Tournament takes place at the same venue every year. Since 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has been organizing this event. Augusta National Golf Club is located in Augusta, Georgia, United States.

Can I Play a Round of Golf at Augusta National Golf Club?

Sorry to disappoint you, but you can not play at the club. Only the members of the club are allowed to play there. Even visiting the course is not allowed too.

For How Many Days the Event will Go On?

The event will be organized for a total of 7 days. The first three days are practice sessions and the rest of the 4 days are for the main game.

What will the Winner of Masters Golf 2021 Get?

The Champion will get the iconic Green Jacket with a fantastic purse. The prize money for the 2021 Masters Golf hasn’t been announced yet. But in 2020 the total prize money was set to $11.5 million with the winner getting $2.07 million. That’s a huge sum of money.

Who Won the Masters Tournament in 2020?

Dustin Johnson won the tournament in 2020. He won the play with a record score of 20 under par.

What is the Masters Club Dinner?

Masters Club Dinner is a tradition of the tournament. The defending Champion hosts the dinner and selects the menu. This dinner happens on Tuesday night of the Masters week.

All the previous champions are invited as a guest. Only a few top personnel from Augusta National Golf Club get an invitation.

Am I Allowed Capture Photos at the Masters?

The patrons are not allowed to take pictures on the course during the Event. Though if you are attending the practice session, then you can get photos. However, during the Main Event, you will likely see a line for taking photos near the first hole.

Staff from the Club will take your photos and will provide you with a plastic card. With this card, you can get your photos online at a later date.

Are Children Allowed to Watch the Masters at the Club?

Yes, they are allowed. There are no age restrictions for the patrons. However, the parents of children are responsible for their behaviour. If the children don’t behave according to the rules, you will have to leave the arena.


Masters Golf is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. There are lots of rules & regulations to follow. The prize pool is also amazing. It’s not worth missing this Event. You can watch 2021 Masters Golf Live from anywhere in the world.

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