NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream

NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream: What the Winning Team Will Receive?

The basketball industry makes around $400 billion a year around the world. The NBA is the most prestigious basketball league. So, ever wonder what the winning team will receive? The prize-giving ceremony will be available to watch after the NBA Finals 2021 live stream.

However, here in this article, we’ve explained what the Champion of this year will get. The final of NBA season 2020-21 will start on July 8 and continue until we find a winner in the best of seven series games.

NBA 2021 Winner’s Prize

NBA 2021 Winner's Prize

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship defeating the Miami Heat in the exciting finals. They were awarded their prizes. Following are the prizes that the winning team will receive:

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

Every year, the winning team of the NBA Finals receives the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Previously it was known as Walter A. Brown Trophy until 1984. Larry O’Brien is the former NBA Commissioner. He served in the NBA from 1975 to 1984.

The trophy is made with sterling silver and vermeil. Besides, there’s an overlay of 24k gold. It’s two feet tall and weighs 15.5 pounds. The current design of the trophy depicts a ball over a hoop and basket. The shine of gold on the trophy makes it one of the most good-looking trophies.

Many fans wonder how much the championship trophy is worth. Can you guess it? Well, the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is worth $13,500 (source: USA Today). That’s quite an enormous amount.

Unlike many other sports events, the Champion team gets permanent ownership of the trophy. It includes the champion team’s name and winning year engraved on the trophy. Most teams display it on the team’s arena.

The Los Angeles Lakers have won the trophy most times with 12 final wins. They’re followed by the Chicago Bulls with 6 wins. Watch the NBA Finals 2021 live stream to know who gets the trophy home.

Prize Money

Surprisingly, the winning team of the NBA Finals doesn’t receive any special prize money. The team only gets the trophy. However, the NBA offers a player’s pool. Meaning the players of the team get a good amount of money for winning the league.

The total player pool for the 2021 NBA Finals is approximately $26.62 million. The money will be divided among the top 16 teams. Then the amount will further be divided among the players.

The winning team will receive a standard 20% of the total money which is $5.32 million. Dividing the amount to the 15 players, each player receives $355k. Well, it doesn’t seem much considering how much the top actors earn. It is still a good amount for individuals.

Final Words

Final Words

Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets are favorites to pack these prizes this year. Many experts are also saying that the Los Angeles Lakers will seal their second consecutive victory. No one is certain who will come victorious. Watch the NBA Finals 2021 live stream from July 8 to know who wins.

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