Can you Add a 2nd Story to an Existing House

Can you Add a 2nd Story to an Existing House?

With time family members and items for our needs increase, and we need extra space for them. Brumley Construction needs to build additional rooms for meeting our kitchen, store, or living goods.

We have many options: we should sell our existing house and purchase a big home for our family, but it is a costly choice, and we need a high cost of buying a new place.

The second option is to extend covered area space by adding additional rooms on the ground and combining them with our building. But here you also need extra space, and your house yard will narrow with extra room’s construction.

The most convenient way to save your money and do not need more space from your house yard is to add a 2nd story to your house and meet your needs.

But it always not works or suitable to add a 2nd story to an existing building; some factors should evaluate first before adding 2nd story to your existing house.

We will share these factors in our article Can You Add 2nd story to an existing house and extend your knowledge.

What are the Benefits of Adding 2nd Story?

What are the Benefits of Adding 2nd Story

There are many benefits of adding a 2nd story to your house; for example, it will save your yard space, and without decreasing space in your house yard, you can add enough space for you.

The second benefit is that you will save much of your cost that you need to pay for a big house, and you will be able to get the same opportunity at less cost.

What are the risks of adding a 2nd story?

What are the risks of adding a 2nd story

The second story is the right choice for the existing house, but it needs to handle carefully, where you lose your interest, you may face a big problem in the future.

If your 2nd story is constructed with inferior material, it can harm your whole house, and even your life can be at risk.

You’re old house low base, if not support, you will need to remove the construction material to save your old house, and all your money will be lost.

Before constructing, you did not read the town’s rules, then you can also face loss if prohibited in the town.

What needs to do before adding 2nd story to an existing house?

What needs to do before adding 2nd story to an existing house

The following things will help you construct a better story on your house if you properly manage them before 2nd story addition.

Always take consent from a civil engineer about the 2nd story; he will physically visit and give analysis for your other story by keeping in view your existing house’s conditions.

If your house’s base is poor, you should add some beams and pillars for support if it is necessary to make a different story.

Check the residential law about construction thoroughly that. Can you add 2nd story to the existing house? If yes, then what will be the height of the story.

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through our article. Can you add a 2nd story to an existing house? We hope you have got a better idea for our information.

We have shared details of benefits, risks, and what we need for 2nd story in the above article for your guidance.

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